About Rowing



Involve men, women and mixed gender events broken into two disciplines - either sweep or sculling.

Utilising six different boat types, several categories and race lengths.



There are six different types of boats;

Scull - one person with two oars

Pair - two people with one oar each

Double - two people with two oars each

Four - four people with one oar each

Quad - four people with two oars each

Eight - eight people with one oar each

If you row with two oars you are a sculler and if you row with one oar you are a sweep rower.


Seat Positions

Bow Seat - the person closest to the front or bow of the boat who keeps an eye on the water behind to avoid accidents

Engine Room - The middle rowers in the boat, these rowers are usually referred to by their position in the boat in relation to bow.

ie. bow (1), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, stroke (8)

Stroke Seat - the person closest to the back or stern of the boat and who is responsible for setting the stroke or rhythm

Coxswain - oarless rower responsible for steering the boat and race strategy


Parts of the Boat

Shell - boat consisting of hull (actual body) and canvas (the deck of the bow and the stern)

Seat area - which consists of the seat itself, slides (rails for the seat to slide along) and foot stretcher (adjustable foot plate where rowers feet are positioned)

Riggers - consisting of the rigger arms and oarlock or swivel (made up of pin, collar and gate)

Oar - consisting of blade, arm and handle

Rudder - used to steer the boat via cables



"Sit In" - tells the crew to get into the boat

"Count Down" or "Number Off" - tells the crew to call out their seat number from bow when ready to row

"Set Ready" or "Come Forward" - commands the crew to move to the catch, blades buried and be ready to start the race

"Ready all, Row" - begin rowing

"Sit it up" - reminds the rowers to keep the boat on keel

"Easy" - tells rowers to stop rowing hard

"Hard on Port" or "Hard on Starboard" - tells the rowers on that side of the boat to row harder

"Easy Oars" or "Easy All" - stop rowing

"Check It" - square the oars in the water to stop the boat

"Touch It" - a stroke where rowers use only their arms

"Back It" - blades squared in the water and row backwards

"Drop" - tells the rowers to place their blades back on the water after stopping



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